Software, Templating and Video Lessons

Apply the models and frameworks to your particular business issues, in the same way that expensive consultants, MBAs and PHDs do. Use the models and frameworks to generate ideas, strategies, goals, action-plans, comparisons, analysis, solutions etc. Use the models and frameworks as base structures and add nodes to make them grow to match your very specific environment. Build your directional or mulit-directional node-networks and paste directly into powerpoint presentations, word docs etc. Many of the models and frameworks apply to multiple domains, for example, the value chain can be used as a strategic tool or an organizational design tool.

Superior analysis does not involve viewing through one model or framework but using many to draw out multiple issues, challenges, criteria and concepts; use the appropriate models or frameworks in sequence to create roadmaps - where appropriate, the software will tell you which models are most commonly associated. For example, you may first want to breakdown your business domains using the 7s framework, then isolate the service components of each domain using the service value chain, then pull out the competitive advantage of each stage and then use the core competencies analysis to isolate what you do well in each area (or what competencies must be acquired – in which case you may want to use constraint theory to discover your bottlenecks – the weakest link in your chain).

When used properly, this software allows you to dig deep. It is a critical tool. You should ensure that you quickly get used to using it daily if you are, or want to be, a senior decision-maker and thought-leader.

Use the drop down lists to insert individual, or multiple, models and frameworks.
Click a node to add it to the screen.
Click and hold node to move it around.
Double click node to enter new text.
Singleclick on the color boxes to change the node colors.
Use height and width scale to size a selected node. Click the “default” button to ensure all new nodes are the same, new size.
To create an arrow, click on the source node and then the destination node and then the arrow icon.
Use the tiny, circular node to create arrow to arrow or arrow to node links.
Press F1 to remove a model or framework, one at a time.
Doubleclick the model or framework description in order to remove it (if it is not embedded).
Press F2 to make the model or framework description reappear.
To copy and paste a select area: click the “select image area, copy and paste” button, click the left mouse button once on the work area, pull out the rectangle that appears until the desired area is covered, then click the left mouse button again to end the operation. The image area will be stored in memory and you simply need to paste into an image program, word or office document etc (for example, open a Word doc and click edit>paste).
Click “Add a post-it note” to insert one or more notes. Each note has a small white border around it.
To move the note around, left click on the right edge (between the edge of the note and the edge of the border) until a cross appears and use the cross to move it around (keep the mouse button held down).
Rightclick the note and use the frame that appears to resize the note. You may have to resize the frame first as the note cannot be bigger than the frame (to resize the frame, simply extend the arrows that appear at the edge of the frame).
Doubleclick the note to change the backcolor to that of the backcolor box. (changing the color and resizing the note allows you to also use it as a container for a node).
Use the black background of these instructions to play around and get used to manipulating the nodes and notes and their small white borders.


OPTION 1 - US$99: software license only - DOES NOT INCLUDE VIDEO LESSONS.

Following purchase, the license key will automatically appear on your screen.


OPTION 2 - US$199: software license + more than 150 VIDEO LESSONS demonstrating the use of more than 100 critical, interrelated business models; a must for thought leaders and senior decision-makers.

Following purchase, the license key and video locations will automatically appear on your screen.


OPTION 3 - US$1000 per day: let us do the analysis for you.

Following purchase, one of our consultants will contact you.